Why Rock Wall Climbing is so good for children.

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

As your child begins to climb, he or she will learn how to get through a route by using motor planning, a skill many children with special needs lack. Eventually, with more time and experience children learn to look at the wall and map out a plan before climbing. Children learn patience, discipline and problem solving. Even children who don't like sports will like climbing because they get to use their mind.

Social Skills

Although climbers are competing with themselves, children also learn to socialize with other climbers. Kids learn that it is important to trust their instructors and each other, and climbers tend to learn from each other and teach fellow climbers. Children will also learn how to take responsibility and watch out for others. Climbing creates bonding experiences.

Climbing for Children with Disabilities Discussed in all of the reasons above is why climbing is great for children with disabilities. Rock climbing improves balance and hand-eye coordination and it improves gross and fine motor skills. Climbing is great for physical and mental development, as well as social skills. Children who are paraplegic and are amputees can also take part in climbing because there are climbing devices that will assist them in their climb. Although, our sensory gym does not have special climbing devices to assist them, our staff will be happy to help. Even blind children can climb, learning to navigate successfully builds confidence.

Climbing over all helps with self esteem.



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